Don't like the way Joomla! displays information to your web site visitors?

One of the most powerful features of Joomla!, is the ability of templates to override the HTML being sent to the user.

Come down to Free Geek for our quarterly meeting and we'll show you how to customize Joomla! content articles and contacts.

Wait...quarterly?  That's right.  We will now be holding meetings on a quarterly basis so come out to see what's going on with Joomla! until later this summer. See you there.

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Last month we had a great overview of the new J!3 Tags functionality and a review of the J!3 series release schedule. This month Curtis BrandSmith will cover a topic dreaded by most developers - Oh No! My Site's Been Hacked! We'll review a few things that can help prevent a website from being hacked and go over some of the options available should the unthinkable happen and your site actually gets hacked. Join us this Thursday and share your opinion on site security.  To see information covered in this discussion click here.

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Happy Spring, everyone! (Is it officially Spring yet? It feels like it, ay any rate.) Hey, Joomla! 3 has been out for a while now. How many sites do you all have in production using it? Anyone? Anyone at all? Buehler?? Ha, just kidding... In truth, *tons* of sites are (probably) already using J!3 now, so it's time we start talking more about it. Let's see, we're up to Joomla 3.2.3 as of this writing -- climbing steadily toward that magical 3.5 peak in the not too distant future. In fact, Ben Sandberg will talk briefly during the next meeting (Thursday @ FreeGeek!) about the Joomla! release cycle. Pay attention, folks... J3.5 is coming fast!

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We had a great meeting last month that led to a good discussion about components and frameworks.  This month we'll be discussing Integrating Git Into Your Workflow.  Bill Tomczak will show us the value of using git in your projects and give an introduction to it's basic set up and use.  Come join us and bring your questions so we can have an open discussion about using Joomla! and git.  See the information covered in this discussion here.

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Well we had fun in the November meeting learning about everyone's favorite extensions.  To start the new year, at the January meeting we will be focusing on new Joomla users.  This month we are Learning About Joomla!  Curtis BrandSmith will be presenting on his experience as a relatively new Joomla user and what you need to know to get started.  Come join the fun and bring anyone you know who is curious about Joomla!  Joomla users of all experience levels are welcome so bring your questions and we'll have an open discussion about how to start using Joomla.

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